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Drama is a film genre that is very popular lately. Drama is a story that generally tells a romantic love story with various kinds of problems and conflicts in it. All of these are things that were deliberately created to make the story more interesting and make the audience more engrossed and connected to the story.

Many films or drama series have been produced for a long time. Until now, dramas from various countries always have their impression and market. Recently, we have seen a lot of dramas from China that shows quality stories and actors who have good and classy acting qualities.

This fact is based on the increasing popularity of Chinese dramas among the drama-loving public, who in recent years have been hypnotized by Korean dramas as a result of the Korean Wave that has occurred in recent years.

The existence of Chinese dramas is considered to have added color and interesting choices for drama lovers all over the world. In this discussion, we will discuss opinions about Chinese dramas that are currently popular and what makes them popular.

Things That Make Chinese Dramas A Must-Watch

The Chinese dramas that have appeared recently are a breath of fresh air for drama lovers because they will get more references and also a list of the best dramas that they can watch during the holidays or when they rest at home after a tired day at work. The following is a review or opinion about modern Chinese dramas, let’s take a look.

1. Fresh Storyline

A drama will have more or less the same outline, namely telling the story of a couple’s romance with various conflicts. However, the development of the storyline in the modern era is considered to have undergone many modifications which make it more interesting and make the audience more curious about the continuation of the story.

In general, dramas tell romance stories with a contemporary timeline, but nowadays we can find Chinese dramas with storylines that go back and forth and are even combined with royal periods and so on.

Apart from that, many love stories make it difficult for viewers to forget and make them fail to move on. For example, a Chinese drama film such as You Are The Apple of My Eye was successful in making the audience cry and get lost in the story. Even though it has been released for quite some time, this Chinese drama film is still widely discussed and has become an inspiration for modern Chinese dramas recently.

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2. Good Acting Quality

Not inferior to Korean dramas, Chinese actors and actresses also have the best acting quality and successfully play characters according to expectations. One of the modern Chinese dramas that has been talked about a lot lately is Hidden Love, which tells the story of a woman who harbors love for her brother’s friend who is 7 years older. Until finally they met again after the woman had grown up and they finally fell in love with each other even though their age difference was quite large.

In general, this story is a romance story that many have found, but with a more interesting storyline, and of course supported by the quality of acting from the main actors, namely Chen Ze Yuan and Zhao Lu Si.

They are a very beautiful couple and are considered very suitable for each other, even to the point where the audience matches them so they can have a relationship in the real world. So it is clear that this is a result of the quality of the acting and the excellent chemistry which makes it look natural to the point where it is difficult for the audience to differentiate it from the real world.

3. Length of Episodes

The number of episodes is one of the advantages of Chinese dramas that not many dramas from other countries have. In general, the number of episodes in Chinese dramas reaches 25 episodes, which is considered a very appropriate number, not too long and not too short.

We know that Korean dramas generally only have 12-14 episodes. The comparison is quite far, and this number is still considered insufficient for many viewers even though the average duration per episode is one hour. Many viewers complain that when the storyline is progressing, and the chemistry of the couple in the story is getting warmer, suddenly the plot speeds up because there are still not many episodes.

However, this does not apply to Chinese dramas which have at least 25 episodes and are considered capable of providing more satisfaction to the audience. In 25 episodes, the story is still very interesting and has many surprises in each episode. This is what makes Chinese dramas never lose fans and they are even more loyal to wait for the continuation of the story.

4. High Quality Drama Production

It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about the production quality of Chinese dramas which are considered to be very advanced and on par with popular modern dramas from other countries such as Korea. We have found many Chinese dramas with high shooting and image quality and are very interesting to watch.

Not only that, the quality of CGI in dramas has also improved a lot and deserves to be on par with the famous Hollywood quality.

Especially when producing dramas set in the royal period, which of course will need the help of CGI to add a more detailed and real ancient impression, and this will bring the audience even more immersed in the story.

That is a review and opinion about modern Chinese dramas that will help you get references so that you will be more confident in starting to watch dramas.

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