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Almost everyone likes watching dramas these days. Since ancient times, we have seen many quality film and drama productions from China, ranging from action films starring Jackie Chan to famous Chinese historical dramas such as Return of Condor Heroes, starring the young Andy Lau. This popularity ultimately provided space for the development of Chinese drama, making it even more popular today.

The quality of Chinese dramas is currently considered to be on par with Korean dramas which have also been very popular recently, both in terms of story, film/drama quality and the quality of the actors and actresses. Chinese actors and actresses are known not only for the quality of their acting but also for their attractive appearance and have successfully attracted the hearts of many audiences globally.

Some Advantages of Chinese Dramas

There are many advantages of Chinese dramas that make them worthy of being favorites with audiences around the world, including:

1. Interesting And Dramatic Story Quality

If you look at the previous few years, maybe the quality of Chinese dramas is not as good nowadays so they are still less popular than Korean dramas. However, now it is a different story, and Chinese dramas have proven that the quality of their dramas is worthy of consideration, and quite a few even rate them as better than dramas from other countries.

2. Available In Many Drama Genres

The increasing popularity of Chinese drama has resulted in it increasingly developing and producing many drama genres that provide many choices for the audience. They can find romance dramas, thrillers, historical dramas, comedies and horror. Here is must watch historical Chinese dramas recommendation for you

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3. High And Professional Production Quality

Production quality, such as shooting and camera quality, has developed a lot and competes with Korean dramas or Hollywood dramas. This shows seriousness and makes drama fans more interested and interested in watching Chinese dramas.

4. Stunning Acting Quality

The quality of Chinese actors has been proven for a long time, in fact, we already know many Chinese actors who are world famous, from Jakie Chan, Jet Li, and Andy Lau, to Donny Yen. This trend has been continued by Chinese actors in the current era such as Cheng Xiao and Luhan who also started their careers as members of a singing group in South Korea.

5. Actors And Actresses Who Have Different Impressions And Auras

Each country has its aura and impression, including actors and actresses from Chinese dramas. Chinese actors and actresses indeed have a charming and enchanting aesthetic appearance that will make the audience increasingly unable to take their eyes off of the drama’s storyline, even though the average number of episodes is 15 which is not enough to satisfy the audience.

6. Generally Enjoyable

Its increasing popularity means it is widely broadcast via streaming services on many well-known platforms. You can find Chinese dramas with various storylines on the internet. You can even easily find recommendations for the most popular Chinese dramas that can accompany your free time.

Most Popular Chinese Drama

What are the most popular and loved Chinese drama titles at the moment? The following are some reviews.

1. Meteor Garden

This is one of the most popular drama franchises or remakes of its time. The drama title Meteor Garden experienced phenomenal popularity in the early 2000s. Tells the love story between the main male characters Dau Ming Shi and San Chai, where the man has 3 friends named Mei Zuo, Hua Ze Lei, and Xi Men who form a group called F4 and have many fans. This drama got a remake version in 2018.

2. Hidden Love

This is one of the popular drama titles, released in mid-2023, and has successfully stolen the attention of many drama lovers around the world. This popularity was achieved because of the quality of the story and also the actors who succeeded in showing the best chemistry so that the success made the audience’s hearts beat fast.

3. Story of Yanxi Palace

This is a popular Chinese drama, an adaptation of a famous novel which is set in the royal era. Tells about life in the palace in the Qing Dynasty era in China in the 18th century, where in the story there is a girl who struggles to achieve the highest throne in the kingdom.

That’s a review of the reasons why Chinese dramas are popular and also recommendations for popular Chinese dramas that you can use as a reference. Hopefully, the review above is useful.