My Opinion on Modern Chinese Drama

Drama is a film genre that is very popular lately. Drama is a story that generally tells a romantic love story with various kinds of problems and conflicts in it. All of these are things that were deliberately created to make the story more interesting and make the audience more engrossed and connected to the story.

Many films or drama series have been produced for a long time. Until now, dramas from various countries always have their impression and market. Recently, we have seen a lot of dramas from China that shows quality stories and actors who have good and classy acting qualities.

This fact is based on the increasing popularity of Chinese dramas among the drama-loving public, who in recent years have been hypnotized by Korean dramas as a result of the Korean Wave that has occurred in recent years.

The existence of Chinese dramas is considered to have added color and interesting choices for drama lovers all over the world. In this discussion, we will discuss opinions about Chinese dramas that are currently popular and what makes them popular.

Things That Make Chinese Dramas A Must-Watch

The Chinese dramas that have appeared recently are a breath of fresh air for drama lovers because they will get more references and also a list of the best dramas that they can watch during the holidays or when they rest at home after a tired day at work. The following is a review or opinion about modern Chinese dramas, let’s take a look.

1. Fresh Storyline

A drama will have more or less the same outline, namely telling the story of a couple’s romance with various conflicts. However, the development of the storyline in the modern era is considered to have undergone many modifications which make it more interesting and make the audience more curious about the continuation of the story.

In general, dramas tell romance stories with a contemporary timeline, but nowadays we can find Chinese dramas with storylines that go back and forth and are even combined with royal periods and so on.

Apart from that, many love stories make it difficult for viewers to forget and make them fail to move on. For example, a Chinese drama film such as You Are The Apple of My Eye was successful in making the audience cry and get lost in the story. Even though it has been released for quite some time, this Chinese drama film is still widely discussed and has become an inspiration for modern Chinese dramas recently.

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2. Good Acting Quality

Not inferior to Korean dramas, Chinese actors and actresses also have the best acting quality and successfully play characters according to expectations. One of the modern Chinese dramas that has been talked about a lot lately is Hidden Love, which tells the story of a woman who harbors love for her brother’s friend who is 7 years older. Until finally they met again after the woman had grown up and they finally fell in love with each other even though their age difference was quite large.

In general, this story is a romance story that many have found, but with a more interesting storyline, and of course supported by the quality of acting from the main actors, namely Chen Ze Yuan and Zhao Lu Si.

They are a very beautiful couple and are considered very suitable for each other, even to the point where the audience matches them so they can have a relationship in the real world. So it is clear that this is a result of the quality of the acting and the excellent chemistry which makes it look natural to the point where it is difficult for the audience to differentiate it from the real world.

3. Length of Episodes

The number of episodes is one of the advantages of Chinese dramas that not many dramas from other countries have. In general, the number of episodes in Chinese dramas reaches 25 episodes, which is considered a very appropriate number, not too long and not too short.

We know that Korean dramas generally only have 12-14 episodes. The comparison is quite far, and this number is still considered insufficient for many viewers even though the average duration per episode is one hour. Many viewers complain that when the storyline is progressing, and the chemistry of the couple in the story is getting warmer, suddenly the plot speeds up because there are still not many episodes.

However, this does not apply to Chinese dramas which have at least 25 episodes and are considered capable of providing more satisfaction to the audience. In 25 episodes, the story is still very interesting and has many surprises in each episode. This is what makes Chinese dramas never lose fans and they are even more loyal to wait for the continuation of the story.

4. High Quality Drama Production

It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about the production quality of Chinese dramas which are considered to be very advanced and on par with popular modern dramas from other countries such as Korea. We have found many Chinese dramas with high shooting and image quality and are very interesting to watch.

Not only that, the quality of CGI in dramas has also improved a lot and deserves to be on par with the famous Hollywood quality.

Especially when producing dramas set in the royal period, which of course will need the help of CGI to add a more detailed and real ancient impression, and this will bring the audience even more immersed in the story.

That is a review and opinion about modern Chinese dramas that will help you get references so that you will be more confident in starting to watch dramas.

You can also get lots of interesting reviews about novels that have been made into drama films at There you will find many choices and various references to suit your tastes and surely will make your day. Hopefully, this review is useful and inspiring.

How To Spend Time Alone At Home: Great Ideas For Yourself

How To Spend Time Alone At Home- Great Ideas For Yourself

There are times when you have to spend time alone at home and you don’t know what to do. How to spend time alone at home? When you have time alone, you should enjoy and cherish that time. You can understand yourself more deeply while still being productive in your free time.

Ideas for Spending Time At Home By Yourself

You can do the things you like when you are alone at home. You can also consider new things that you have never done before. Gaining new experiences is a valuable thing for your life and you can find it at home.

Here are some interesting ideas for you to consider when you have to be home alone:

– Get Creative With Food Recipes In The Kitchen

Do you love cooking? You might need to get creative with new recipes that you haven’t explored before. You can also improve your recipes to make them more interesting to eat.
How to spend time alone at home? Getting creative in the kitchen can be very satisfying if the results match your expectations. Hone your culinary skills with recipes you get from the internet and then improve them according to your style. Apart from eating alone, you can also make dishes for your family.

On the internet, you can find many recipes. You can choose the recipe you like and make sure the ingredients are available at home. But if they are not available, you can buy the ingredients at the nearest mart.

The food recipes you find online come in both article and video content. Choose the one that works best for you. Don’t forget to make sure it’s a healthy recipe.

– Create Unique And Useful Items

Do you know DIY? DIY refers to the activity of making your own or not buying. There are many DIY items that you can try to make when you have free time at home. You can make storage boxes, lamps, room decorations, and many more.

How to spend time alone at home? Making DIY items can hone your creativity and you can use them daily. Make sure you make things that you will use so that your efforts are not wasted. A lot of DIY content can be found on the internet.

Not only for your use at home, you can also sell these items if they have high value.

– Create And Upload Tutorial Videos

Are you interested in becoming an influencer or want to grow your social media presence? Then you might want to try creating video tutorials. You can share valuable knowledge with your viewers while improving your account.

There are many platforms you can go to such as TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. Before you start making videos, you must first have a niche. Choose between digital tutorials, household, cooking, music, or other niches. Before recording a video, it’s better to prepare an outline or script first to make it easier to shoot the video.

You don’t need to set up expensive devices for starters. Just rely on your earphones and smartphone camera. Make sure your explanation in the video tutorial is clear and informative so that viewers can easily understand the content.

– Take Time To Watch A Movie or Drama Series

Do you have a list of movies that you love but haven’t gotten around to watching? Then it’s time to watch that movie or drama series. Watching something you like is a fun activity and can avoid stress.

If you have a mini movie theater at home, then that’s very helpful. But you can also use a projector for a unique viewing experience. To complete your viewing activity, also prepare your favorite snacks.

Marathon drama series is an activity that many people often do. But it’s better to pay attention to the time so that you don’t overdo it. So, that’s about how to spend time alone at home.

The Appeal of Chinese Films

Maybe many people don’t know that Chinese films are one of the films that brought change to the film industry itself. That’s why these Chinese films have their own charm that we can’t find in other films.

When we talk about Chinese films, of course there are lots of the best films that we can discuss. However, now we will specifically talk about the attraction that Chinese films have in the eyes of the world film scene. Let’s look at the attractions of the largest film producing country in Asia.

The Amazing Appeal of Chinese Films

There are many things that make Chinese films discussed internationally and these are some of the attractions that Chinese films have that you should know.

1. Still Maintaining Strong Cultural Elements

In most Chinese films, they still really maintain their culture. This is proven by the many Chinese films that are still strong in showing their original culture. This is what ultimately indirectly introduces us to Chinese culture and makes most Chinese films more interesting, because it makes us see something new.

2. Still Use Their Native Language

Many films from other countries are now starting to be packaged in English. However, what is interesting about Chinese films that go international is that they still use their native language. So this is also a fascinating attraction, allowing viewers to discover a new experience in watching films.

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3. Still Carrying Their Local Traditions

In most Chinese films, we can find various things that have become their traditions and are packaged in the films they make. Of course, this also gives us not only entertainment, but also gives us knowledge about the traditions of Chinese society.

4. Maintaining Quality in Making Films with Distinctive Characteristics

One of the appeals of Chinese films is that they still maintain the quality of the films they make and of course, they still have their characteristics. Its distinctive feature is that in terms of shooting and shooting methods, it is quite different from most Hollywood films.

5. Done Seriously

In every Chinese film made, there are always many crew members involved. This is because they are very serious about doing something. Chinese films are usually made with a large crew and the production system used is no joke. Not to mention when it comes to stunt acts and action sequences, you will be amazed when you see them.

6. Complete Package

You can say that Chinese film is a complete package of film. In one film you can find comedy, love stories, family and exciting and cool action. This is also the main appeal of the Chinese film itself.

7. Still Strong with a Logical Story

One of the interesting things about Chinese films is that they still maintain a coherent story. A story that makes sense is certainly a favorite of many viewers, especially if they like films that are straight to the point.

8. Has Talented Stars

Chinese films are also known for their stars. There are Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Zhang Zi Yi, and Michelle Yeoh. They are big names who have made the world of Chinese cinema one of the biggest in Asia. These stars are what make many people fall in love with Chinese films.

9. Not Just a Movie

In Chinese films, they not only create a story, but there are moral messages that can be obtained, and at the same time they also introduce many people to their traditions and culture and even their history. Like IP Man and Once Upon a Time in China which makes us understand a little about the history and culture of China.

10. Presents Exciting and Natural Action

Chinese films are made by performing natural and real martial arts actions. Like the film Enter the Dragon, starring the legend Bruce Lee. In this film, of course, we will see very elegant action scenes and of course very natural. Chinese films in the martial arts genre still maintain their characteristic of making a martial arts film, namely making it look real and natural.

Those are 10 things that make Chinese films have appeal in the eyes of the world.

Chinese Movies Recommendation

Indeed, there are several recommendations for Chinese films that you can watch at home. Come on, let’s just look at some of the best Chinese film titles that you can watch.

1. Enter the Dragon

A film by Bruce Lee which was his last film before Bruce Lee died. This is one of the masterpieces of Chinese films in the martial arts genre that you must watch.

2. Once Upon a Time in China

It is a film franchise consisting of 6 films and one TV series. This film itself is synonymous with an actor named Jet Li. Tells the story of a Cantonese hero named Wong Fei-Hung.

3. IP Man

This is a film based on a true story, a martial arts master who was Bruce Lee’s teacher. This film is also very rich in original culture and historical stories that happened in China.

These are the things that make Chinese films have appeal in the eyes of the world film scene.

7 Best Things to Relieve Stress

Stress is a reaction of the body due to pressure, threat, or change. This condition is very normal and natural for anyone to experience. However, to reduce the side effects of stressful conditions, of course, you need to take appropriate treatment so that stress can be managed well.

There are various impacts on health if stressful conditions are not treated. Starting from health problems, such as headaches, and high blood pressure, to heart problems. In addition, stress that is not managed properly can trigger various risks of worse mental health disorders. For this reason, take a look at some of the right ways to relieve stress with fun activities!

7 Best Activities to Relieve Stress

Don’t ignore some of the signs of stress that you are experiencing, such as unstable emotions, irritability and irritability, heart palpitations, experiencing sleep disturbances, and experiencing a decrease in appetite.

Apart from affecting health conditions both mentally and physically, stress can also affect a person’s social life. For this reason, relieve stress with simple, enjoyable activities, such as:

1. Fishing

This is one of the fun activities that you can do, especially for those of you who might want to relieve your stress. For some people, fishing is a quite positive activity, because it can make you relax and the view while fishing is usually very pleasing to the eye.

2. Listening to Music

One of the simplest activities you can do to relieve stress is listening to music. Listening to music is something that can release endorphin hormones in the brain and provide a feeling of happiness. Note: Listen to happy songs, not sad songs that can make you feel sad.

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3. Go for a Walk

Of the best ways to relieve stress, perhaps traveling is the best, because traveling is an activity that allows you to enjoy your time and discover new things that you may have never discovered before. Then, by traveling you can also see exotic places that can make you feel calm and comfortable.

4. Talk to Friends

The easiest and most recommended thing for those of you who want to relieve stress is to invite other people to talk. Yes, talking to other people, joking, or even sharing stories is something that will help you feel much better. So, if you feel stressed, you might be able to talk to people you know or you can even tell your story to strangers who can now be found easily on the internet.

5. Playing Games

Well, playing games is now easier. Now you can play games using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or even a PC deck system which allows you to play PC games using a handheld console. Playing games is also an activity that won’t waste your time if you do it seriously, you can make money.

6. Cooking

Cooking is an exciting and enjoyable activity. Cooking can also help people to be free from stress. Of course, if you feel stressed and you have a hobby of cooking, then doing this hobby will make you feel much better. Certainly, this is a pretty good activity to help you relieve stress.

7. Watching Movies and Dramas

The last fun activity you can do to relieve stress is watching movies. Watching a film is a simple activity, but it has an extraordinary impact, where it can make you feel detached from the world and makes you feel much more relaxed, of course.

These are 7 fun activities that you can do when you are feeling stressed. If left unchecked, stress can become an illness and this can have serious consequences for you. So, occasionally do fun things that can free you from annoying stress.

7 Recommendations for the Latest Chinese Dramas

Watching dramas is no longer something foreign to you because dramas have been our friends for a long time. Currently, Korean dramas are selling very well on the market and there are certainly many fans. However, if you feel bored with Korean dramas, it’s time to switch to Chinese dramas.

It could be said that Chinese dramas are no longer something new. Since the 90s, Chinese dramas have accompanied us, starting from classic stories such as Journey to the West and also the love adventures of Princess Guang Zhou.

7 Latest Chinese Drama

Now we will give you 7 recommendations for the best and newest Chinese dramas that you can watch in your spare time.

1. Meet Yourself

A drama starring Liu Yifei, this drama itself has been watched more than 1 billion times. Imagine this figure was obtained from just 10 days of broadcast. This drama itself was released on January 3, 2023. This drama is also included in the ranks of the most popular Chinese dramas for 2023.

The story itself tells about the life of Xu Hong Dou after the death of his best friend. He, who was unable to overcome his loss, then decided to go into solitude by going to Yun Miao village which is located in Yunnan Province. It was in this village that he met Xie Zhi Yao, who helped him restart his life.

2. The Love You Gave Me

This drama itself tells the story of a woman named Min Hui. Min Hui himself is said to have fallen in love with Xin Qi. If you like complicated love stories, then this Chinese drama could be the best choice for you.

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3. Hidden Love

It will also become one of the most popular Chinese dramas in 2023. This drama stars Zhao Lu Si, Chen Zhe Yuan, and Victor Ma.

This drama itself tells a quite sweet love story and contains 25 episodes which you can watch on Netflix. This drama itself focuses on the story of Sang Zhi who likes her brother’s friend, Duan Jiaxu. This drama is suitable for those of you who like romantic love stories, comedy, and of course warmth.

4. Lethal Man

Yes, this drama takes elements of mystery and romance which are very exciting for you to follow. In general, this drama tells the story of the characters Shen Man Ning and Zhuang Xin Yan who meet unexpectedly.

This drama also contains a story about a complicated kidnapping case that went unsolved for years. Furthermore, when Zhuang Xin Yan died, Yan Xing Zheng forced Shen Man Ning to become his fiancée. Even though they were initially enemies, they were eventually able to face all difficulties together.

5. The Forbidden Flower

The drama The Forbidden Flower tells the story of a romance between an adult man and a young girl. The main focus is on the character He Ran, a young girl who is talented at painting. She became enamored with an adult man named Xiao Han after accidentally meeting him at a beauty salon.

Starting from here, He Ran tries to charm Xiao Han’s heart. He also approached Xiao Han and didn’t care about the large age gap because the two of them seemed more suitable to be uncle and nephews.

6. Fireworks of My Heart

The Chinese drama Fireworks of My Heart tells the story of the friendship and love between Song Yan and Xu Qin who were forced apart by their families as children. After ten years have passed, they meet again as a fire chief and emergency doctor. Despite working side by side, they must face obstacles to becoming more than friends.

7. Till the End of the Moon

This Chinese drama is set in an era where the devil controls cultivators and humans alike. Li Su Su is a cultivator, who then receives a mission to go back to the past and prevent the rise of the demon lords.

In this story, she is said to have disguised herself as Ye Xi Wu, the second daughter of General Ye, and then married a man named Tantai Jin, who was the future demon ruler, to destroy him. However, on this journey, a very unexpected story opens up which will make the mission more complicated.

These are the 7 recommendations for the best Chinese dramas in 2023. For those of you who want to find the latest dramas, Chinese dramas could be the best choice for you.

Why Chinese Dramas Charm Global Viewers

Almost everyone likes watching dramas these days. Since ancient times, we have seen many quality film and drama productions from China, ranging from action films starring Jackie Chan to famous Chinese historical dramas such as Return of Condor Heroes, starring the young Andy Lau. This popularity ultimately provided space for the development of Chinese drama, making it even more popular today.

The quality of Chinese dramas is currently considered to be on par with Korean dramas which have also been very popular recently, both in terms of story, film/drama quality and the quality of the actors and actresses. Chinese actors and actresses are known not only for the quality of their acting but also for their attractive appearance and have successfully attracted the hearts of many audiences globally.

Some Advantages of Chinese Dramas

There are many advantages of Chinese dramas that make them worthy of being favorites with audiences around the world, including:

1. Interesting And Dramatic Story Quality

If you look at the previous few years, maybe the quality of Chinese dramas is not as good nowadays so they are still less popular than Korean dramas. However, now it is a different story, and Chinese dramas have proven that the quality of their dramas is worthy of consideration, and quite a few even rate them as better than dramas from other countries.

2. Available In Many Drama Genres

The increasing popularity of Chinese drama has resulted in it increasingly developing and producing many drama genres that provide many choices for the audience. They can find romance dramas, thrillers, historical dramas, comedies and horror. Here is must watch historical Chinese dramas recommendation for you

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3. High And Professional Production Quality

Production quality, such as shooting and camera quality, has developed a lot and competes with Korean dramas or Hollywood dramas. This shows seriousness and makes drama fans more interested and interested in watching Chinese dramas.

4. Stunning Acting Quality

The quality of Chinese actors has been proven for a long time, in fact, we already know many Chinese actors who are world famous, from Jakie Chan, Jet Li, and Andy Lau, to Donny Yen. This trend has been continued by Chinese actors in the current era such as Cheng Xiao and Luhan who also started their careers as members of a singing group in South Korea.

5. Actors And Actresses Who Have Different Impressions And Auras

Each country has its aura and impression, including actors and actresses from Chinese dramas. Chinese actors and actresses indeed have a charming and enchanting aesthetic appearance that will make the audience increasingly unable to take their eyes off of the drama’s storyline, even though the average number of episodes is 15 which is not enough to satisfy the audience.

6. Generally Enjoyable

Its increasing popularity means it is widely broadcast via streaming services on many well-known platforms. You can find Chinese dramas with various storylines on the internet. You can even easily find recommendations for the most popular Chinese dramas that can accompany your free time.

Most Popular Chinese Drama

What are the most popular and loved Chinese drama titles at the moment? The following are some reviews.

1. Meteor Garden

This is one of the most popular drama franchises or remakes of its time. The drama title Meteor Garden experienced phenomenal popularity in the early 2000s. Tells the love story between the main male characters Dau Ming Shi and San Chai, where the man has 3 friends named Mei Zuo, Hua Ze Lei, and Xi Men who form a group called F4 and have many fans. This drama got a remake version in 2018.

2. Hidden Love

This is one of the popular drama titles, released in mid-2023, and has successfully stolen the attention of many drama lovers around the world. This popularity was achieved because of the quality of the story and also the actors who succeeded in showing the best chemistry so that the success made the audience’s hearts beat fast.

3. Story of Yanxi Palace

This is a popular Chinese drama, an adaptation of a famous novel which is set in the royal era. Tells about life in the palace in the Qing Dynasty era in China in the 18th century, where in the story there is a girl who struggles to achieve the highest throne in the kingdom.

That’s a review of the reasons why Chinese dramas are popular and also recommendations for popular Chinese dramas that you can use as a reference. Hopefully, the review above is useful.

Effects of Watching Drama to Mental Health

Watching dramas is a very fun hobby and very suitable to do in your free time. You can enjoy drama during the holidays if you are lazy about going out of the house or going on a tiring trip.

The increasing popularity of dramas to date is due to the very interesting quality of the stories. Production quality such as images, shooting angles, background sound or OST, and of course, what is the center of attention is the beautiful actors and actresses who are supported by the quality of the acting which makes the audience even more immersed in the storyline of the drama they are watching.

Benefits to Mental Health

The popularity of Chinese and Korean dramas is difficult to resist. This is driven by an increasing passion for watching, as well as awareness of the many benefits that can be obtained, related to the emotional or psychological side. What benefits can you get from watching dramas? The following is a review.

1. Provide Entertainment

It is generally known that this is one of the goals of the film industry. The first benefit, of course, is providing enjoyable entertainment for the audience. An interesting drama storyline can provide entertainment for the audience. The ups and downs of the storyline will play on the audience’s emotions, and keep the audience entertained until they become more immersed in the story. They are distracted by busyness and fatigue.

You are expected to still be able to divide your time and prioritize your priorities so that this drama can still provide good benefits for your psychology, instead of causing you to postpone work a lot which will make you even more stressed. Seeing this, it might be more profitable if you watch ongoing dramas to make it easier to divide your time.

2. Get To Know The Culture Of Other Countries

The drama storyline will of course also provide an overview of the culture that occurs in the society of that country. When you watch dramas from China, you will find several scenes that also show the cultural side of that country, for example, the culture of drinking alcohol with colleagues which is not found in other countries. This not only gives you entertainment but also broadens your insight.

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3. As A Material For Self-Reflection

Many of the drama storylines created by screenwriters are taken from real-life issues or concepts. So this makes watching dramas a material for self-reflection. When you watch a drama, it will show the relationship between couples, or how to socialize, all of which is based on real life and you can use it as a reference too.

In this case, you have to be able to separate the real world from the world in the drama. This means you need to carry out the self-reflection process properly. Don’t get too carried away and try to prioritize the realistic side so that you can get good benefits from watching dramas for yourself.

You might choose a drama genre that raises social issues, mental health issues, or something similar that has a relationship with existing reality. One day you also need to watch a drama that takes inspiration from a true story, it could be a documentary, a drama about the biography of a famous figure which will be very inspiring to apply in real life.

4. Give Time For Yourself

You can give yourself time to enjoy the moment while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily work. To do this, you can watch your favorite drama while resting physically and resting your mind.

So that your mind doesn’t get too heavy, you can watch dramas with a comedy or slice-of-life genre with a funny and light storyline, so you will be able to enjoy it without experiencing emotional ups and downs and thinking too much.

You can also watch dramas with lots of people or with a partner, but because there are so many drama genres, and not everyone has the same tastes, it won’t be a problem if you occasionally watch dramas alone. Keep in mind that you also need to socialize, so don’t get too carried away watching dramas that are not good for your mental health.

These are some reviews regarding the benefits of watching dramas for your mental health as a human. Not only from a mental perspective but also provides more insight and references so that it will help you to broaden your perspective in facing life’s problems. Hopefully, the review above is useful and can inspire you to keep your mental condition good.