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Maybe many people don’t know that Chinese films are one of the films that brought change to the film industry itself. That’s why these Chinese films have their own charm that we can’t find in other films.

When we talk about Chinese films, of course there are lots of the best films that we can discuss. However, now we will specifically talk about the attraction that Chinese films have in the eyes of the world film scene. Let’s look at the attractions of the largest film producing country in Asia.

The Amazing Appeal of Chinese Films

There are many things that make Chinese films discussed internationally and these are some of the attractions that Chinese films have that you should know.

1. Still Maintaining Strong Cultural Elements

In most Chinese films, they still really maintain their culture. This is proven by the many Chinese films that are still strong in showing their original culture. This is what ultimately indirectly introduces us to Chinese culture and makes most Chinese films more interesting, because it makes us see something new.

2. Still Use Their Native Language

Many films from other countries are now starting to be packaged in English. However, what is interesting about Chinese films that go international is that they still use their native language. So this is also a fascinating attraction, allowing viewers to discover a new experience in watching films.

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3. Still Carrying Their Local Traditions

In most Chinese films, we can find various things that have become their traditions and are packaged in the films they make. Of course, this also gives us not only entertainment, but also gives us knowledge about the traditions of Chinese society.

4. Maintaining Quality in Making Films with Distinctive Characteristics

One of the appeals of Chinese films is that they still maintain the quality of the films they make and of course, they still have their characteristics. Its distinctive feature is that in terms of shooting and shooting methods, it is quite different from most Hollywood films.

5. Done Seriously

In every Chinese film made, there are always many crew members involved. This is because they are very serious about doing something. Chinese films are usually made with a large crew and the production system used is no joke. Not to mention when it comes to stunt acts and action sequences, you will be amazed when you see them.

6. Complete Package

You can say that Chinese film is a complete package of film. In one film you can find comedy, love stories, family and exciting and cool action. This is also the main appeal of the Chinese film itself.

7. Still Strong with a Logical Story

One of the interesting things about Chinese films is that they still maintain a coherent story. A story that makes sense is certainly a favorite of many viewers, especially if they like films that are straight to the point.

8. Has Talented Stars

Chinese films are also known for their stars. There are Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Zhang Zi Yi, and Michelle Yeoh. They are big names who have made the world of Chinese cinema one of the biggest in Asia. These stars are what make many people fall in love with Chinese films.

9. Not Just a Movie

In Chinese films, they not only create a story, but there are moral messages that can be obtained, and at the same time they also introduce many people to their traditions and culture and even their history. Like IP Man and Once Upon a Time in China which makes us understand a little about the history and culture of China.

10. Presents Exciting and Natural Action

Chinese films are made by performing natural and real martial arts actions. Like the film Enter the Dragon, starring the legend Bruce Lee. In this film, of course, we will see very elegant action scenes and of course very natural. Chinese films in the martial arts genre still maintain their characteristic of making a martial arts film, namely making it look real and natural.

Those are 10 things that make Chinese films have appeal in the eyes of the world.

Chinese Movies Recommendation

Indeed, there are several recommendations for Chinese films that you can watch at home. Come on, let’s just look at some of the best Chinese film titles that you can watch.

1. Enter the Dragon

A film by Bruce Lee which was his last film before Bruce Lee died. This is one of the masterpieces of Chinese films in the martial arts genre that you must watch.

2. Once Upon a Time in China

It is a film franchise consisting of 6 films and one TV series. This film itself is synonymous with an actor named Jet Li. Tells the story of a Cantonese hero named Wong Fei-Hung.

3. IP Man

This is a film based on a true story, a martial arts master who was Bruce Lee’s teacher. This film is also very rich in original culture and historical stories that happened in China.

These are the things that make Chinese films have appeal in the eyes of the world film scene.