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Watching dramas is a very fun hobby and very suitable to do in your free time. You can enjoy drama during the holidays if you are lazy about going out of the house or going on a tiring trip.

The increasing popularity of dramas to date is due to the very interesting quality of the stories. Production quality such as images, shooting angles, background sound or OST, and of course, what is the center of attention is the beautiful actors and actresses who are supported by the quality of the acting which makes the audience even more immersed in the storyline of the drama they are watching.

Benefits to Mental Health

The popularity of Chinese and Korean dramas is difficult to resist. This is driven by an increasing passion for watching, as well as awareness of the many benefits that can be obtained, related to the emotional or psychological side. What benefits can you get from watching dramas? The following is a review.

1. Provide Entertainment

It is generally known that this is one of the goals of the film industry. The first benefit, of course, is providing enjoyable entertainment for the audience. An interesting drama storyline can provide entertainment for the audience. The ups and downs of the storyline will play on the audience’s emotions, and keep the audience entertained until they become more immersed in the story. They are distracted by busyness and fatigue.

You are expected to still be able to divide your time and prioritize your priorities so that this drama can still provide good benefits for your psychology, instead of causing you to postpone work a lot which will make you even more stressed. Seeing this, it might be more profitable if you watch ongoing dramas to make it easier to divide your time.

2. Get To Know The Culture Of Other Countries

The drama storyline will of course also provide an overview of the culture that occurs in the society of that country. When you watch dramas from China, you will find several scenes that also show the cultural side of that country, for example, the culture of drinking alcohol with colleagues which is not found in other countries. This not only gives you entertainment but also broadens your insight.

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3. As A Material For Self-Reflection

Many of the drama storylines created by screenwriters are taken from real-life issues or concepts. So this makes watching dramas a material for self-reflection. When you watch a drama, it will show the relationship between couples, or how to socialize, all of which is based on real life and you can use it as a reference too.

In this case, you have to be able to separate the real world from the world in the drama. This means you need to carry out the self-reflection process properly. Don’t get too carried away and try to prioritize the realistic side so that you can get good benefits from watching dramas for yourself.

You might choose a drama genre that raises social issues, mental health issues, or something similar that has a relationship with existing reality. One day you also need to watch a drama that takes inspiration from a true story, it could be a documentary, a drama about the biography of a famous figure which will be very inspiring to apply in real life.

4. Give Time For Yourself

You can give yourself time to enjoy the moment while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily work. To do this, you can watch your favorite drama while resting physically and resting your mind.

So that your mind doesn’t get too heavy, you can watch dramas with a comedy or slice-of-life genre with a funny and light storyline, so you will be able to enjoy it without experiencing emotional ups and downs and thinking too much.

You can also watch dramas with lots of people or with a partner, but because there are so many drama genres, and not everyone has the same tastes, it won’t be a problem if you occasionally watch dramas alone. Keep in mind that you also need to socialize, so don’t get too carried away watching dramas that are not good for your mental health.

These are some reviews regarding the benefits of watching dramas for your mental health as a human. Not only from a mental perspective but also provides more insight and references so that it will help you to broaden your perspective in facing life’s problems. Hopefully, the review above is useful and can inspire you to keep your mental condition good.