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Reintegration into Society

Full body human cryopreservation

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Guard and Custody until biological recovery

Quality of service

Our protocols have been designed based on the latest scientific evidence and the experience gained over years in the field of cryonics, significantly improving those used by other entities in the sector.

The technical means with which we use, allow us to control the descent of the temperature diligently monitored and computer aided, which will be extended for five days in our facilities. We also have the means and image equipment necessary to verify and guarantee the quality of the cryopreservation achieved, and the adequate diffusion of the cryoprotectant employees.

The conservation of the bodies is carried out in approved cryostats for medical use, specifically designed to meet the needs and the highest quality standards of our company.

The preservation of the bodies is carried out in approved Cryostats for medical use, specifically designed to meet the necessities and the highest quality standards of our company.

Special technical data

Our professionals

Our professionals have the experience and human quality necessary to offer the best possible care to both the patient and and their relatives in this difficult moment of their lives and perform a Cryopreservation of the highest possible quality.


Made with a double-source TAC

Our technical means

The cryobiological room

Commited to house the bodies of our patients in conditions of maximum security.


– Vacuum piping systems which are interconnected to an external tank, containing 6000 liters of liquid nitrogen.
– Automated nitrogen filling systems.
– Four electronic security systems to detect any anomaly in the supply, plus a manual control protocol by a Cecryon employee.

Method of conservation

The temperature curve until it reaches -195ºC will be totally controlled by a complex process that will last between 4 and 5 days.

The cryocapsules

The Approved Cryocapsules , which together with the permanent telemetry they possess, allow us to affirm that the bodies of our patients will be totally safe in our facilities for as long as it is necessary.

Our Cryocapsules are approved as medical devices, complying with directive 93/42 of medical products.