What is Cryopreservation (Cryonics, Cryogenisation)?

Cryopreservation is the cold storage, usually at very low temperatures , of any type of biological material. It is already successfully used with human embryos and has demonstrated its functionality in the conservation of animal organs.

Cryonics is the science that aims to apply the techniques of cryopreservation after the legal death of the patient with the aim of keeping the person in a state of suspended animation until it is possible to take advantage of future technological advances to restore normal biological activity completely.

Freeze or Vitrify?

There is a fundamental technical distinction. While both processes have the underlying idea of
cooling in common, direct freezing is a procedure in disuse, since the formation of ice crystals
causes significant damage to the cellular integrity and tissues of the body which in turn
compromises its viability. Vitrification Is a refined cooling technique that, through the use of
antifreeze substances and the control of the cooling rate, prevents the water molecules from
being able to rearrange themselves and forming said crystals. In physical terms, it is possible to
achieve a vitreous solid state instead if a crystalline one, in which, even at a microscopic level,
the anatomical and tissue structure remains intact.

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Is it safe to recover people who are cryopreserved?

Offering absolute guarantees of recovery in one hundred percent of cases is impossible even when the recovery of cryopreserved patients is carried out routinely, therefore, it is better to speak of the probability of recovery of the cryopreserved person.

To this day we do not have the technical knowledge that, tomorrow, will allow us to recover cryopreserved patients. However, in line with scientific advances in medicine, cryopreservation, nanobiotechnology, etc. we are convinced that this degree of development will be achieved in the relatively near future. Our ethical duty, however, is to warn of the experimental nature of cryonics science and the lack of irrefutable empirical confirmation that validates it, despite its solid theoretical endorsement. As scientific development increases, the chance of successfully recovering our patients will increase, but the possibility of failure, for technical reasons or causes of force majeure, can never be reduced to zero.

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What will happen when they recover me and I “Wake up” in the future``?

When successfully recovered, Cecryon will take charge of your full reintegration into society, assuming any costs that may arise from said process and guaranteeing a gradual and bearable reincorporation. In any case, you will not be alone. The cryopreservation of people began in the 70’s and is a movement that is increasingly incorporating more and more people. In addition, at Cecryon we also care about offering economically sustainable alternatives not only to cryopreserve you but also for your loved ones.

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