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Why Cryopreserve with Cecryon?

Deciding today can save your life tomorrow

Planning plays a very important role for Cryopreservation. Thanks to the hardwork and coordination of our team with your family and doctors, we will be able to make guarantees for your cryopreservation. This is possible if you start planning today.

Walk with Science

Science is increasingly advancing more and more in the field of Biomedicine, especially with regards to within the human body. The creation of artificial organs to fighting aging, cellular rejuvenation research and many other treatments have become increasingly more effective against cancer and almost all types of diseases that were previously fatal but are now either curable or chronic. All of this information allows us to deduce that soon we will live even longer and with a higher quality of life. Do not be left out of this. Join us in our vision for the future.

My family and I

Cecryon considers family as a fundamental value. That is why we have created, together with the most solvent insurance companies, the possibility of insuring you and your family, with discounts per family member. Always united, always together.

The cryonics, more than 40 years of Cryopreserving people.

Cryogenisation is becoming increasingly more desired by society. Various investigations, and especially the publication of MIT of the article “Arguments in favor of cryogenisation” have helped open the door for our society to discover its possibilities today.

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Robert C.W. EttingerFather of Cryonics