About us

After a process of work and consolidation of our work for cryonics, it has been decided to reconvert the project under the umbrella of a Non-Profit Foundation.
This will give a greater guarantee to our objective: cryopreserving and guarding our patients with greater safety.

Cecryon would be delighted to receive applications from people of recognised prestige and/or financial solvency to join the board of trustees of this foundation.

If you wish to participate, please send us an email to info@cecryon.com

Meet us

Why Cecryon?

Submerged fully in our work, a pioneer in Europe, we have developed our centre through tenacity, aiming to be reference point in Europe. Currently our centre remains in the testing phase for technological equipment with the last quarter of 2018 set as the start date for service.

We work for your life and thank you in advance for your trust in us.

Our History

Cecryon was constituted in 2016, initiating at that time a project that had to confront diverse technological and social challenges, in order to be able to start providing the cryopreservation service with the highest possible technical solvency.

At that time was when a group of scientists, entrepreneurs and lovers of cryonics joined forces to develop cryopreservation in Europe.

In 2017, Demium Startups, one of the best accelerators of technological companies in Spain, joined this initiative and that has culminated in the creation of the first company in Europe to provide this service.

Our Team

A highly qualified and passionate team within the field of Cryopreservation. Supported by many years of experience have helped make us symbols within the Cryopreservation industry at European level. A guarantee of professionalism that improves day by day thanks to our research.

Javier Tapia


Uliana Danylo


Rubén Tébar


Albert Estrada

Director Médico

Our Facilities

Our Facilities are located in the vicinity of Valencia, in the town of Ribarroja. A building of 1500 m2 which has been adapted to our needs, together with beautiful architecture and the best technological facilities has produced one of the most advanced and prepared cryonics centers in the world.

The Cryo Capsules

A certified medical device, complying with all the standards and regulations for sanitary devices and made by one of the best manufactures, with worldwide prestige.